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Crashed Ice foiled march

[As] we set out for the pro-life prayer service at the cathedral [Jan. 22], we were unable to attend because all the streets leading to the church were blocked off. We believe the Crashed Ice project was the cause of this, and are upset that the church endeavors to promote this intrusive sporting event at the loss of participating in the pro-life march.

Abortion is a hideous blot on our society, and the yearly march is vital for bringing together people who are trying to bring about change in the law. I don’t know what the future holds, but there are those who want to see this sporting event held each year at the time of the pro-life march. May God forgive them their ignorance and restore the archdiocese’s influence in promoting pro-life.
Karen Klemond, St. Columba, St. Paul

Father John Ubel, Cathedral of St. Paul rector, responds: At this year’s Prayer Service for Life, every single seat in the cathedral was filled. Navigating for parking is always a challenge in the limited space on Cathedral Hill, and I sincerely regret if someone felt that they had to turn back. This year, numerous buses dropped off participants on Selby Avenue, directly in front of the doors, though due to the large number of buses, there were certainly some delays. At the suggestion of the organizers of the event (and provided to us free of charge), additional shuttle buses dropped people off at the Cathedral, enabling them to conveniently access their cars following the MCCL [Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life] Rally at the State Capitol. We’ll continue to try to maximize the opportunity for people to attend this vitally important event in the future.

Open dialogue for healing

(From Facebook Feb. 2, on a post to “Abuse victims share stories at Ham Lake parish.” I wish all parishes would host this type of thing. As Catholics we need to talk about this. This is our chance to take on the hard stuff rather then keep it in the dark. We can heal as a Church from the abuses but it is going to take open dialogue and creating safe places for survivors of childhood sexual abuse. If we do this right we can give the survivors the justice they deserve and grow as a people.
Elizabeth Sullivan, St. Mary, Stillwater

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