Letters to the editor – September 9, 2010

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Illegal immigrants aren’t ‘law-abiding’

My intention was to read Laura Stierman’s “My Turn” reflection, “A Catholic response to immigration and Arizona law” [Aug. 12], with an open mind. I found that difficult because it did not seem to have been written with an open mind.

The article states: “Skin color, birthplace, gender and place of residence have no bearing on a person’s dignity.” I would like to know how illegally crossing a sovereign border in order to secure employment for a lower wage than that sovereign country’s citizens need to support their families is in any way dignified. Further, the article states: “Law-abiding immigrants, regardless of their immigration status, should be protected from injustice and treated with the dignity they deserve.”

I wholeheartedly and absolutely agree with that. However, I suspect my definition of “law-abiding immigrants” may not pass muster with Ms. Stierman’s. I cannot include illegal immigrants in my definition of “law-abiding immigrants.”

David Burke
St. Joseph, New Hope

An individual is enhanced by their faith community

A response to the question about “going it alone spiritually and how being a member of a faith community enriched me” [Aug. 12]:

I have two sons and we often talk after church about the message or what Father Paul’s homily was about to see how that applies to our everyday lives. Most Sundays we stop and have doughnuts after church. There, like church, they have interaction with their parish community to enrich and educate them about their faith.

As individuals, they also need to know God in their own way. It might be volunteering in something they like or just quiet prayer on their own. I try to encourage them to get involved as much as possible to see where they fit into the puzzle or how their talents will help others.

As they get older, I pray that they stay engaged and active as Catholic Christians. I hope they can stand up with moral courage as an individual or help in their parish in a ministry they are passionate about. An individual is enhanced by their faith community, if they feel part of it.

Kathy Carlson
Guardian Angels, Chaska

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