Letters – November 9, 2017

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Checking agendas

Unlike the reader (Letters, Oct. 12) who expressed heartbreak over your Sept. 28 feature on the many aspects of transgenderism (“Switching Sexes?”), I found the article trenchant, compassionate and scientifically sound. A subsequent letter (Oct. 26), cites the Southern Poverty Law Center as an authority in discounting its scientific claims as emanating from an “anti-LGBT hate group.” Readers should be aware that the SPLC opposes all conservative, orthodox Catholic, evangelical and other groups that dare to differ with the radical left-wing social and political agenda.

Truth does hurt sometimes; nonetheless, it is what it is. Wishing and wanting prove ineffectual in altering reality.

The Oct. 12 writer claims 21 murders of transgendered persons in 2017, offering no proof of this statistic and no evidence that the sole or direct cause of the alleged murders was the victims’ sexuality.

Dr. Bernard Nathanson, after his conversion to Catholicism and confession to committing thousands of abortions, revealed that he and attorney Lawrence Tribe made up statistics to convince a skeptical public of the “dire need” for legalized abortion. Opponents were (and still are) portrayed as heartless and bigoted morons. Sixty million-plus dead babies later, the moral and spiritual carnage destroying our country serve as reminders that compassion does not always lead to good places.

Anne Callopy
St. Augustine, South St. Paul

‘Above and beyond’

The Oct. 26 issue of The Catholic Spirit just arrived in my office, and I picked it up with the pile of other newspapers I receive on a near-daily basis. I barely glanced at the day’s front pages … but your paper caught my eye with the cheery, bright photo of the Kopp family and the playful “Life with a quad squad” text. I returned to my desk and immediately opened the paper to pages 12-13, and read the story from beginning to end. What can I say but “well done!” The colorful layout and fun photos coordinated perfectly with the incredibly unique, well-written story. I’m very impressed with The Catholic Spirit in general, but this story went above and beyond what I usually see from your team. Great job, and keep up the good work.

Elizabeth Wong Barnstead
Editor, The Western Kentucky Catholic

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