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Problems from ‘pelvic issues’ emphasis

In response to Bishop Robert Barron (“Dave Rubin, the ‘pelvic issues’ and Jewish comedians,” Feb. 9), I don’t understand why he is surprised that out of the entire interview [with political commentator Dave Rubin], most of the response had to do with “pelvic issues.” I totally agree with him, that with the Gospels and the epistles of St. Paul, “you don’t get the impression that what their authors wanted you primarily to understand is sexual morality.” Yet, that is what the majority of Catholic voters have focused on.

“Pelvic issues,” as Bishop Barron calls them, is why Mr. Trump is in office. As Christians, we ignored his language, we ignored his disparaging remarks about women, the disabled and the Muslims. We rationalized his business acumen and ignored his bankruptcies. We gave him a pass on his taxes and financial conflicts of interest. We didn’t seem to mind that he didn’t have any record of defending the poor; we didn’t even mind his white supremacist friends and personal advisors. All we noticed was that he changed from pro-choice to anti-abortion, assuring us of a Supreme Court that will be pro-business, anti-protection and anti-regulation (i.e., anti-clean air, water and earth). Oh, yes, and by the way, pro-life except, of course, in regards to the death penalty.  (The Catholics on the court — the conservative ones, that is — who are in the majority, are not interested in being pro-life for criminals, a non-“pelvic issue.”)

Quite literally, we have sacrificed our own Christianity, and possibly our country, for a “pelvic issue,” as Bishop Barron calls it. We didn’t even listen to our own pope in regards to Mr. Trump’s behavior and his anti-immigrant attitudes. As long as he’s against that “pelvic issue,” everything is OK. Mr. Trump has skillfully played us for the fools we are. Now there is no chance of finding common ground, seeking moral solutions and letting the world know we are Christians by our love.

Elizabeth Rosenwinkel
St. Albert the Great, Minneapolis

Kudos for Catholics at the Capitol

Catholics at the Capitol day was a huge success and a day for all Catholics to be proud. Catholics from all corners of Minnesota came to St. Paul to share their faith and zeal in the public square. Kudos to all our bishops, many priests, deacons, sisters, seminarians, students and all who participated in this wonderful show of support for Christ’s Church! Thank you, Minnesota Catholic Conference, for spearheading this fantastic event.

Bridget Kluesner
Divine Mercy, Faribault

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  • Tesomas

    Didn’t vote T or C myself, but I have a hard time blaming those who held their nose and voted T because of abortion. 650,000 preborn children were killed by abortionists last year. Guttmacher puts the 2014 number at 900,000. Focusing on that body count in the voting booth is justifiable. If you thought Trumps prolife conversion was legitimate, I can understand that vote.

    Im more troubled that support for Trump on that one issue seems to be turning into support for the rest of the platform as well. When Trump does evil, we as Catholics must stand up and say ‘no.’

  • CLQ24

    I hate it when people, especially Catholics, use terms like “anti-abortion” for a pro-life person. Usually that terminology is used by pro-abortion people as a way to be derogatory towards those who stand for life.

    Plain and simple last year’s election had two very flawed candidates. Clinton had the financial issues, condemned U.S. officials to die in Libya, and ran confidential documents on her own server. At one time, Clinton believe that there was a limit to when a baby could be killed in the womb which she changed for the election that any baby could be killed even if they were minutes away from delivery. She was for allowing men in women’s bathrooms making those environments unsafe now for them. Also she was for taking religious liberty rights away. She stood for all the elite Liberals upheld as “moral” issues thus thinking that this was what the American people wanted which was not the case by the fact that she lost.

    If Elizabeth thinks that we sacrificed our Christianity and our county with Trump, she should really look at the last eight years. We have lost religious liberty (nuns having to go to court so that they are not forced to pay for abortifications, forcing of Christians to cater to LGBT people, etc. ), the promotion of LGBT agenda (gay “marriage”, war on gender, etc. ), and many other things. Christianity was demonized so much by the Obama Administration that it was hard to be a Christian under his rule.

  • Charles C.

    Dear Elizabeth Rosenwinkel,

    Thank you for a novel analysis. I read a fair bit and have never seen anyone claim that Trump voters were driven by “pelvic issues,” so I thank you for bringing it up.

    The analyses which I have seen indicate that Trump voters were focused on jobs, the survival of the American identity and culture, safety, and where they overlap, in immigration.

    Oh, and one other issue motivated Trump voters, perhaps more than any other. They were tired of being misrepresented, misunderstood, and ignored. They were tired of being lectured to by people who considered themselves “elite” and of such high moral standards they could condescend to, and patronize, those they saw as morally inferior; the “Deplorables.”

    In short, Ms. Rosenwinkel, the reason Trump was elected was you.