Letter – January 11, 2018

| January 10, 2018 | 5 Comments

The Catholic Spirit continues mixing its left-wing political agenda with legitimate news stories about the faith. The recent issue contained a slew of articles confusing the difference between legal and illegal immigrants (“Catholics asked to open hearts to migrants,” “Mother of three ‘Dreamers’ fasts on Hill for passage of DREAM Act,” “St. Thomas More gives sanctuary to two families,” Dec. 21).

Contrary to the progressive editorial slant of The Catholic Spirit, our faith does not require we disrespect our national laws and boundaries. One can be a devout, practicing Catholic and want persons from other countries to respect our laws.

As Catholics we have great compassion for those who want to come to this country and do so legally and appropriately by respecting our laws. We Catholics also have compassion for the thousands of victims of crimes committed each year by illegal aliens. Strong borders and adherence to immigration laws would mean fewer families torn apart by crime.

When The Catholic Spirit encourages readers to write favorable letters to rabidly pro-abortion congressmen and congresswomen, one wonders about its adherence to the tenets of Catholic doctrine.

Jim Koepke
Nativity of Mary, Bloomington

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