Letter – January 11, 2018

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The Catholic Spirit continues mixing its left-wing political agenda with legitimate news stories about the faith. The recent issue contained a slew of articles confusing the difference between legal and illegal immigrants (“Catholics asked to open hearts to migrants,” “Mother of three ‘Dreamers’ fasts on Hill for passage of DREAM Act,” “St. Thomas More gives sanctuary to two families,” Dec. 21).

Contrary to the progressive editorial slant of The Catholic Spirit, our faith does not require we disrespect our national laws and boundaries. One can be a devout, practicing Catholic and want persons from other countries to respect our laws.

As Catholics we have great compassion for those who want to come to this country and do so legally and appropriately by respecting our laws. We Catholics also have compassion for the thousands of victims of crimes committed each year by illegal aliens. Strong borders and adherence to immigration laws would mean fewer families torn apart by crime.

When The Catholic Spirit encourages readers to write favorable letters to rabidly pro-abortion congressmen and congresswomen, one wonders about its adherence to the tenets of Catholic doctrine.

Jim Koepke
Nativity of Mary, Bloomington

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  • Matt Wagner


  • Concerned Catholic

    As Catholics, we must take a “universal” view of the plight of our brothers and sisters who suffer greatly under “just” governments and their laws. The Church has to be a moral compass for all legitimate countries whose laws do not address the needs of all its citizens. The purpose of our government officials is to ensure the safety and protection of its citizens and to continually make and change laws to serve to that end. It should also not turn a blind eye to those who are caught in dire circumstances due to another nations’ social-economic struggles and it is incumbent upon us to drive this from that moral perspective. It is politicians that caused the lack of enforcing the laws we already have on the books that created this mess. Laws are just only if they have a solid moral foundation and are being enforced. ALL Catholics must avoid the politicization of our faith for we should never be liberal or conservative when it comes to doing the right thing. We must also avoid insulating ourselves from the issues by means of protection-ism and isolationism. History is a glaring reminder of how that has worked in our nation’s past.

    • tschraad

      Concerned Catholic – Yet, Jesus Christ, when confronted with this same issue stated to obey these unjust laws (at least the people felt they were unjust) and render to the government their unjust demands.

      • Concerned Catholic

        Yes, we obey the law as it is written but when there is injustice in the law we are duty-bound to revise it to address the injustice by raising our voices to our elected representatives. We the people must engage our responsibility as citizens because ours is a government of the people, for the people, by the people. That is the beauty of a republic that self-governs. It also means we cannot hide behind laws, thus avoiding our civic duties and responsibilities.

        • tschraad

          Concerned Catholic – You write very well and clearly and I agree with most of your opinions. But—

          1. Injustice – our justice or others? Liberal justice or conservative? Catholic or Islam? For Democrats, killing babies is a virtue while Catholics say it is murder. For Muslims, killing Christians is a pathway to Allah, for Catholics, killing Muslims is a pathway to Hell. Etc., etc,…

          2. Our government today is not of the people, it is for the preservation of greedy politicians who do not serve the people who elected them into office. Their goal only is to become rich at the workingman expense. This alone is a great injustice. They take an oath to follow our constitution but violate it freely without consequence. We have justice for the working people and a political justice system for politicians. Very wrong and another big injustice.

          3. I am going to stop because the next injustice we have is the leadership of our Church. It discards it’s members for political correctness. And it starts at the Vatican, the good old boys club. Sad.