Be careful how you use adoption terminology

| September 26, 2013 | 0 Comments

Thank you for highlighting the brave choice of Natalia Shupe in your last issue [Sept 12]. As an adoptive parent I know intimately the joys of creating a family through adoption, and am happy to see the adoption option getting more press.

I read with some disappointment the colloquial use of “… give up the infant girl for adoption” and in the photo caption, “… then giving her up for adoption” and wish the more positive “… and make an adoption plan for the infant girl,” and “…then making an adoption plan” had been used.

The more positive spin of the current usage helps squelch some outdated images about confidential or closed adoptions. Most domestic infant adoptions these days involve ongoing contact with the birthmother and her family. I think it might help those experiencing an unplanned pregnancy to know that.

And while the focus of the article is very appropriately on the brave birthmother herself, unless there are difficult circumstances of which the reader need not be aware, it was a missed opportunity to say something of the adoptive parents and the relationship between them and this beautiful birthmother. Anything to demystify and de-stigmafy adoption and educate the public is great.

Thank you again for this wonderful story.

Meg Payne Nelson


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