Quotes from this week’s newsmakers

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“The new evangelization of America must be our only task for Hispanic theology and ministry, indeed our only task for all theology and ministry in our church.”
— Los Angeles Archbishop Jose Gomez, speaking Oct. 11 during the inaugural lecture in Loyola Marymount University’s Latino Theology and Ministry Initiative

“We believe the global food system as dominated by transnational corporations and industrial interests is leading the world away from food security. A new balance is needed in farming, industry and services so that no one will lack in bread or work.”
— National Catholic Rural Life Conference, which has published an essay series that includes “a Catholic call for a new agriculture”

“The people of Illinois do not want to see Catholic Charities and other religious-based foster care agencies driven out of business, period. Lawmakers intended when they passed the civil union law to protect religious groups from compromising their beliefs regarding civil unions.”
— Peter Breen, an attorney representing Illinois Catholic Charities agencies, commenting on a state bill introduced in mid-October to allow the agencies to continue their foster care and adoption services only to married couples and single individuals who are not living together

“There are many men and women in uniform who are full of faith in Jesus, who love truth, who want to promote peace and who work as true disciples of Christ by serving their country and favoring the promotion of fundamental human rights.”
— Pope Benedict XVI, speaking Oct. 22 at a meeting of several hundred military bishops who are responsible for the pastoral care of Catholics serving in the armed forces

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