Pro-life groups blast Smith’s Senate appointment for abortion ties

| December 14, 2017 | 10 Comments

Lt. Gov. Tina Smith pictured in 2014. Gov. Mark Dayton appointed Smith to the U.S. Senate seat vacated by Sen. Al Franken, who resigned Dec. 7 amid sexual harassment allegations.

Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life President Leo LaLonde called Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton’s Dec. 13 appointment of Lt. Gov. Tina Smith to the U.S. Senate “overwhelmingly disappointing to the state’s pro-life majority.”

“An abortion industry insider, Ms. Smith is a former vice president of Planned Parenthood in Minnesota, the state’s leading performer of abortion. The choice of Ms. Smith is particularly egregious to Minnesota’s pro-life citizens, who will have no representation in the Senate,” he said in a Dec. 13 statement. MCCL is based in Minneapolis.

LaLonde said that Smith helped to lead Planned Parenthood’s opposition to Women’s Right to Know legislation, which sought to educate women about abortion risks and alternatives.

“As a top representative for the abortion industry, Smith strongly opposed commonsense legislation such as the Positive Alternatives Act of 2005, which provides pregnant women in need with practical assistance and life-affirming alternatives to abortion,” LaLonde said. “She argued that pregnancy care centers that don’t refer women for abortions should not be eligible for any state grants.”

Students for Life of America President Kristan Hawkins also criticized the choice of Smith, a Democrat. The selection “makes clear that the Democrats will be fully embracing abortion as their main issue in upcoming elections,” she said in a Dec. 13 statement.

With a marketing background, Smith served as vice president of external affairs for Planned Parenthood of Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota from 2003 to 2006 before leaving to serve as then-Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak’s chief of staff. She served as chief of staff for Dayton from 2011 to 2015, and has served as lieutenant governor since 2015.

Smith will replace Democrat Sen. Al Franken, who announced Dec. 7 he planned to resign his office due to sexual harassment allegations.

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  • Charles C.

    A correction. Franken didn’t resign his position on Dec. 7. In a speech which dissatisfied victims (and logicians) he announced that he would resign in the coming weeks. As far as I know his resignation is still pending.

    But, to the article. Did anyone think Dayton’s choice was going to be pro-life? At least one Democratic leader has announced that it is not possible to be a Democrat politician and pro-life.

    And yes, the Democratic campaign will be centered on sex and its aftermaths. Sex and race are about the only things which will be still dividing us in 2020. Foreign relations and the economy will be Republican issues, leaving the Democrats without substantive issues to discuss.

    • Maria Wiering

      Thanks for pointing out that error, Charles C. The story has been edited to reflect that Franken announced he planned to resign.

    • Dave Garvey

      i don’t think it’s possible to hold an ethical Judeo-Christian view of the world and be “pro choice” …

      • Dominic Deus

        Dominic Deus here. Dave, I must point out that many ethical Judeo-Christians *do* hold a “pro-choice” view. The point is we cannot deny that reality and yet expect others to accept ours. We *must* acknowledge that their views are theirs and ours are ours. We cannot learn from each other if we deny each other’s voice. Silencing others is far more dangerous than disagreement.

        • Charles C.

          Dear Dominic,

          I’m not taking anybody’s side on the question in this post, I’m simply offering my understanding of Dave Garvey’s point.

          I believe he’s saying that if you begin by accepting Judeo-Christian moral values, it is not possible to create a chain of logic that results in the pro-choice position.

          Of course people can adopt any position they want, they can hold multiple, contradictory positions if they so desire. I don’t think he’s saying that people aren’t “allowed” to hold those positions, just that they can’t reach them by following logical reasoning.

  • James C. Robinson (III)

    Yes, Maria Wiering! Also, yes, pro-life groups were right to object to & rebuke Ms. Lieutenant Governor Tina Smith’s Senate appointment for abortion ties & opposition to pro-life values! [Listen, people online here! I’m a born-again believer in our Lord Jesus Christ, yes, a Bible-believing Christian adult young man, but no Catholic though!]

    • charles alexyon

      why do you make it a point to reveal you’re NOT a Catholic? wtf are you afraid of? you sound like those liberal anti Catholic anti Christians. really?

      • James C. Robinson (III)

        charles alexyon, it’s because while even in some local Catholic churches, few Catholics are really born-again believers in Jesus Christ & forever bound to Heaven like I am, I’m sorry to say that: most Catholics really aren’t the LORD’s children just as even being in a full-gospel church never makes a non-saved person a Christian until the Holy Spirit regenerates him or her [especially because these days, as Holy Scriptures warn, most denominational (particularly many Catholic) churches are disloyal to & really misrepresent the LORD God Almighty & His Holy Word, the Bible]; also, only if it were Holy Spirit-filled & Bible-based church centered on Jesus Christ[our God-Man & holy Sovereign] & no other, maybe I’d be able to attend that church; besides, while I mean no disrespect to any Catholic church at all, still, just because I’m not against it gives me no excuse to attend a church unless it’s planted on spiritual good ground (many since sadly, many Catholic beliefs are unscriptural these days)! No wonder why you’re incorrect as you assumed me to sound like a “liberal” [which I’m not!] because elsewhere, you’ve forgotten that through His Apostle John[1st John 4:1], our Lord Jesus Christ commands us to not believe every spirit, but instead try the spirits to see whether they are of the LORD God because many false prophets have gone out into the world [even within local so-called churches of today]!

        • Dominic Deus

          Dominic Deus here. James–it is not for us to judge the believer status of others. Neither is is for us to claim that we are privileged to know truth.. *Perfect* knowledge of truth is not for us fallible human beings. We can believe that truth exists and that things we have found in our life point us in the direction of truth. That is all. If we have faith, we will keep on walking toward truth. For fallible humans beings *truthfulness* is a much better standard–on we can actually practice everyday. Humility is another one–and one that is in short supply among many self-declared born agains.