Catholic United Financial addresses security breach

| October 24, 2017 | 0 Comments


Catholic United Financial in Roseville experienced a security breach Sept. 6 resulting in unauthorized access to members’ personally identifiable information.

The nonprofit fraternal life insurance company with just more than 80,000 members has contacted law enforcement to investigate the breach, but no one has been arrested.

According to CUF President Harald Borrmann, the company will provide to its members two years of identity and credit monitoring services, and any other appropriate services, at no charge.

“We have already significantly upgraded our data security measures and the construction and alignment of our web as well as other servers,” Borrmann said in an email to The Catholic Spirit. “Our website security has been enhanced and we are continuing to make further improvements.”

Though the company is taking precautions to protect its members, none have suffered any consequences so far, he said.

“None of our members’ monies were ever at risk, the finances of our association were never at risk, none of our members’ beneficiary information or medical underwriting information was ever at risk and none of our members’ account log-in or account password information was at risk,” Borrmann said. “We are fully committed to our members, and everything we have done and continue to do is being done with our members’ long-term best interests at heart.”


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