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  1. Being Christian is service, not ‘makeup’ for a pretty soul, pope says
  2. Participating in political process ‘a moral obligation,’ Carr says at UST
  3. Sister Mary Ann Walsh, woman of faith, writer, spokeswoman, dies at 68
  4. Speaker explains risks, impact of elder financial exploitation
  5. Archbishop credits U.S. armed forces for respecting religious freedom
  6. Daily Scriptures: April 26 – May 10, 2015
  7. Who are the Christian Brothers?
  8. Dunrovin once a game preserve
  9. Dunrovin director advances mission of leading youth
  10. Retreat center in renaissance of serving youth
  11. The difference between growing up and growing old
  12. A push for funding: care centers doing more with less
  13. Jesus’ flock: not mindless sheep but beloved children
  14. Commemorating the Voting Rights Act
  15. Why was new Little Canada clinic hidden in the closet?
  16. New director aims to spread understanding of deacons’ role
  17. Anoka deacon: Despite barriers, God called
  18. Archbishop urges passage of voter restoration bill for felons
  19. God made us for love and joy
  20. Vatican, LCWR announce successful conclusion of process to reform group
  21. Pope warns religious against ‘crisis of quality’ in consecrated life
  22. The ‘meaning of work’ at heart of day for lay ministers
  23. ACCW hopes to boost support for local women
  24. Integration of the human person LiveFamily! focus
  25. Catholic schools to be served by new mission-focused initiative
  26. Rosemount parish spearheading prison outreach
  27. Speaker: Responsible parenthood begins before baby
  28. From our readers: April 23, 2015
  29. Flurry of briefs seeks to shape court’s look at same-sex marriage
  30. Claim your heritage, work for peace, women tell one another at meeting
  31. Christians in Yemen keep low profile but continue to pray, bishop says
  32. Daily Scriptures: April 12 – April 26, 2015
  33. Archdiocese gets more time to file Reorganization plan
  34. For inmates, belief precedes witness
  35. Washing our hands of religious liberty
  36. Action Alert – Support a legislative commission on surrogacy
  37. From our Readers – April 9, 2015
  38. Temptations are all around, so learn to deal with them
  39. UST faculty recall colleague’s spirit in living with ALS
  40. C.S. Lewis’ ‘The Great Divorce’ at Pantages