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| Deacon Gordon Bird | November 20, 2019 | 0 Comments

Spiritual leaders, protectors and providers of the faith know that the persistence, vigor and vitality of a daily prayer life are essential to staying alive in Christ. Spiritual combat is active and relentless, and Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount and his many parables about prayer emphasize persistence, watchfulness, humility and the acceptance of the Father’s will in prayer (Mt 5-7). He is our model on how to live a life of prayer, and certainly his earthly parents set an example.

Your own domestic church can emulate a life of prayer as well from the first holy domestic family. Think of our blessed Mother, who from the conception of Jesus in her womb gives us the Magnificat — “My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord” (Lk 1:46-55), and Joseph, in whom we learn to pray by his silent obedience — through his conversations with the heavenly hosts in his dreams and subsequent courageous actions to follow God’s will. He protected the physical safety of the family at all costs — in faith, hope and love — embracing the supernatural virtues that stem from a righteous life of prayer.

Prayer is a conversation with God. We pray with body, soul, heart and all of their works, powers and affections, respectively and integrally. Learn from the teachings and example of our Lord, taking all moments of life to prayer while at home, the workplace, school, at Mass, during Holy Hours and in small groups: “For where two or more are gathered in my name, there I am in the midst of them” (Mt 18:20). The list is endless when one takes everything to prayer in the spirit of contrition, atonement, adoration, praise, thanksgiving and that God’s will be done.

God has no boundaries, and neither should our prayer intentions for the world, our country, our community, those in great need, our families, vocations and the repose of souls. The list seems infinite.

Archbishop Bernard Hebda has monthly prayer intentions for Catholic Watchmen/Men’s Ministry movements throughout our archdiocese. Our chief shepherd asks that as we gather in regular fellowship and prayer venues at home and church, football field and coffee shop, we include these monthly intentions:

September 2019 to August 2020:

September — For the Holy Spirit to bless the faithful and all people in our archdiocese as we begin a year of prayer and listening for the Synod.

October — For the dignity of work in the model of
St. Joseph; for those in business, teaching, manufacturing and development, and particularly for those working on and operating family farms.

November — For the protection of the family as one of the treasures of humanity and that the family may continue to play an important role in society.

December — Men, please pray for the blessings of this holy Christmas season to be upon the families of our archdiocese and the child Jesus to be more deeply encountered by all, especially by the example of the first holy, domestic church.

January — For the unborn and the safety of those traveling from our province to participate in pro-life events. Pray that the culture of death that surrounds us today be replaced with a culture of life, promoting the dignity of life from conception to natural death.

February — For integrity and virtue that those tempted by material, political or spiritual power may resist any lure of corruption.

March — For all men of our archdiocese and for this month’s Archdiocesan Men’s Conference. May it bear the fruits of spiritual leadership, protection and provision of the attendees and the family and friends with whom they encounter through spiritual fatherhood and brotherhood.

April — For those involved in any aspect of sports; that it contributes to the development of the whole person and avoids any kind of reductionism that debases human dignity.

May — That in every country of the world, women may be honored and respected and that their essential contribution to society may be highly esteemed.

June — For the laity; that they may continue testimony regarding the truth of the Gospel and their example of expressing their faith by practicing solidarity.

July — For purity to counteract the temptation toward lust, pornography and crimes against humanity such as sex trafficking that disfigure both the victims as well as those who carry it out.

August — For our youth; that young people follow the example of Mary and respond to the call of the Lord to communicate the joy of the Gospel to the world.

Deacon Bird ministers at St. Joseph in Rosemount and All Saints in Lakeville, and assists the Catholic Watchmen movement of the archdiocese’s Office of Evangelization. Reach him at gordonbird@rocketmail.com. Learn about the archdiocese’s Catholic Watchmen initiative at the-catholic-watchmen.com.

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