Action Alert – Chromosomal disorders, surrogacy

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Contact your legislators

Urge them to support the following bills by sharing the following messages:

HF 439/SF 462: Help families of babies with chromosomal disorders

“Please support the Prenatal Trisomy Diagnosis Awareness Act (HF 439/SF 462). This bill will provide expectant parents, upon receiving a diagnosis of Trisomy 13, 18, or 21 (Down Syndrome), with supportive and educational information during a critical and sometimes stressful period for their family.”

SF 348/HF 437: Support a legislative commission on surrogacy

“Please support SF 348/HF 437, which would establish a legislative surrogacy commission. Our state has already identified the need to take a more serious, in-depth look at the many concerns associated with gestational agreements like surrogacy contracts. As someone who cares about the well-being of women and children, I think forming a legislative commission to study surrogacy would be the right next step in helping to ensure Minnesota is protecting the well-being of women and children.”

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